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Grand Opening Special

50% off a limited quantity of our top selling programs.
Now taking subscriptions November, December, January and February.

One Week and One Month Programs
Due to our specialized care, our programs are limited to 50 patients per month


Look and feel your greatest with A Vita Nova’s Unique Physician developed one-month programs which integrate cutting edge natural therapeutic technology with expert medical nutrition practices.

Therapies which include Pusle ElectoMagenetic, Exercise with Oxygen and Photobiomodulation were chosen and work in unison with each other to maximize results. Each of these Safe, Non-Invasive established therapies are individualized and are integrated with your tailored nutrition infusions.

Each patient will also receive a personalized vitamin formula for ongoing health and wellness maintenance. To crown your happiness each patient will receive a ZO Red Carpet Peel and access to Luxury Airbrush Tanning.

Programs last 28 days, start the First Monday of each month and are administered 3 days per week (MWF, or TThSat) at our Okemos Michigan location. Most sessions last approximately 35-40 minutes.


The Pamper Me - Foundation of Youth Program

Regularly $749, Limited Holiday Price $375

Enjoy a whole week of wellness and beauty.

Rejuvenate your hair skin and nails with:

  • Three Red Light Photobiomodulation Therapy Sessions and
  • Three BEMER physical vascular therapy Sessions

Hydrate and Replenish your body’s electrolytes and vitamins with a

  • SuperNova Tailored Infusion

Set your face and body aglow with

  • ZO Red Carpet Peel and
  • J-Lo Luxury Airbrush Tanning

Ultimate Weight Loss, Health, Wellness & Beauty Package

Regularly $3,999, Limited Holiday Price $1,999

Lose up to 23 pounds your first month with A Vita Nova’s physician supervised weigh loss program. Program includes:

  • Physician Supervised Clean Start Weight Loss
  • Ten Red Light Photobiomodulation Therapy Sessions
  • Ten BEMER physical vascular therapy Sessions
  • Ten Max O2 Therapy Sessions
  • Four SuperNova Tailored Infusions
  • Tailored Vitamin formula
  • Also Included:
  • Two passes to Luxury Airbrush Tanning
  • One ZO Red Carpet Peel

Premier health & wellness package

Regularly $1,999, Limited Holiday Price $999

Program includes:

  • Ten Red Light Photobiomodulation Therapy Sessions
  • Ten BEMER physical vascular therapy Sessions
  • Four SuperNova Tailored Infusions
  • Tailored Vitamin formula
  • Also Included:
  • Two passes to Luxury Airbrush Tanning
  • One ZO Red Carpet Peel

*Administered at Lansing location. Certificate can be transferred to another party.

Program Details

Physician Supervised Clean Start Weight Loss

Personalized Weight Loss Just for You!!

What makes the Clean Start Weight Loss® Program different from other weight loss programs is that we will design a program that is customized to you.

The diet doesn’t include packaged diet food, vitamins or weight loss pills; all our programs including eating real food you can find in any grocery store.

To ensure you safely lose the weight, the program will be supervised by a licensed healthcare provider (either a: Physician (MD), Physician’s Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)).

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields)

Physical Vascular Therapy utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, can stimulate limited circulation in the smallest blood vessels, positively supporting the body's self-healing and regeneration processes. Enabled by strengthening the body's regulatory mechanisms, the natural responsiveness of the immune system and self-healing powers is activated, which has a positive effect on healing.

Electromagnetically transmitted signals are used to stimulate the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels, thereby normalizing blood flow through these vessels.

The cells profit from the improved supply and are better able to perform their tasks in healing. Additionally, energy for mental and physical performance is supplied by the treatment, which leads to an improvement in general well-being.

A Vita Nova’s PEMF designed by BEMER can be used safely by anyone at any age with almost any condition.

Treatment has been used for:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Torn Ligaments
  • Bone Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Rheumatism
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Colds

Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Oxygen training is known as EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Training) and is being done worldwide to super-oxygenate the body. Deconditioned and super athletes alike are seeing benefits beyond compare. EWOT has also been adopted by Physicians and Super Regeneration Centers worldwide. If done after PEMF it's even more effective, since each red blood cell repels one another and can uptake the maximum oxygen (ca. 1 billion molecules). Without PEMF this is not possible. If your cells have a low voltage (low pH) most cells are clumped together and not only is oxygen uptake minimal, but blood flow is drastically reduced. PEMF followed by EWOT Maxx O2 will offer the most effective protocol known in the industry.

Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) aka Red-Light Therapy

PBMT (Photobiomodulation Therapy) is a light therapy that promotes tissue repair (skin wounds, muscles, tendons, bones, nerves), reduces inflammation or reduces pain. In healthy people it increases strength, reduces fatigue and speeds up recovery.

  • Restoration of motion to joints
  • Redevelop muscles
  • Adjunct to obesity as part of a diet and exercise program
  • Relaxation of muscles and relief from muscle spasms
  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness
  • Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis
  • To temporarily increase blood circulation

Health Benefits of Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy

Thousands of peer-reviewed clinical trials and studies on red light therapy have been conducted over the last 3 decades and published in major scientific journals. The evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of its effectiveness & safety, and the FDA has approved light therapy for the treatment of joint pain, reduction of wrinkles, and many other conditions.

Here's an overview of some of the major, clinically proven health benefits of red-light therapy:

Skin, Collagen, and Anti-Aging

Red light therapy feels so rejuvenating because it stimulates the production of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, hair its strength, and connective tissue its ability to hold everything together.

Training and Muscle Recovery

Numerous trials and studies have found that light therapy helps your body produce more cellular energy and reduces oxidative stress, which helps tired & damaged muscle tissue repair and regenerate faster.

Inflammation and Joint Pain

One of the primary responses to red light therapy is a pronounced reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress, with significantly lowered joint pain.

Melatonin and Sleep

Most people are exposed to a lot of unhealthy artificial light that disrupts your circadian rhythm and makes it harder to sleep. Red and near infrared does the exact opposite and helps protect your internal clock.

Health benefits include:

  • promotes wound healing and tissue repair
  • improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia
  • help for the short-term treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • stimulates healing of slow-healing wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers
  • reduces psoriasis lesions
  • aids with short-term relief of pain and morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis
  • reduces some of the side effects of cancer treatments, including oral mucositis
  • improves skin complexion and builds collagen to diminish wrinkles
  • helps to mend sun damage
  • prevents recurring cold sores from herpes simplex virus infections
  • improves the health of joints in people with degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee
  • helps diminish scars
  • relieves pain and inflammation in people with pain in the Achilles tendons
  • Skin
  • Fat Loss
  • Mood
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Joint Pain
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Deuterium Depletion
  • Inflammation
  • Training and Performance
  • Memory and Learning
  • Eye Health
  • Injuries, Scars and Burns
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hair Growth
  • Collagen

If you want to know more about red light therapy, the science and research behind it, and dig deeper into these and other natural health benefits areas, check out our library of scientific learn articles.

Unlike most conventional treatments, red light therapy is safe, non-invasive, uses no chemicals or drugs, and is not associated with harmful side effects. Red light therapy simply harnesses the natural healing and rejuvenating benefits of a specific range of therapeutic natural light and delivers this targeted energy at a higher rate than the sun—without harmful UV rays.

SuperNova Tailored Infusion

Diets heavy in nutrient sparse foods rob us of the important vitamins, and damaged digestive systems or leaky gut prevent us from properly absorbing the nutrients we eat or the vitamins we take. In addition, stress, illness and busy lifestyles further deplete our nutrient supply setting us up for chronic illness and disease. Many of us are in a chronic state of dehydration and nutrient depletion, a significant cause for aging and fatigue. Even the healthiest people only absorb 50% of what they eat, drink or take via oral supplementation.

Vitamins and supplements given intravenous or via injection (intramuscular) bypass the gut, delivering the fluids and/or nutrients directly into the bloodstream for 100% absorption into the body. This allows us to rehydrate, nourish and detoxify at the cellular level for long lasting and often quick, dramatic results.

The SuperNova Wellness Cocktail designed for A Vita Nova programs and tailored specifically to you and your program provide the necessary nutrients and minerals to maximize your results.

ZO Red Carpet Peel

A Vita Nova is proud to be partnered with ZO Skin Care, an exclusive physician dispensed medical grade skin care line. ZO Skin Health, Inc. was created to provide physicians and patients with the world’s most innovative and effective skin health solutions.

The ZO Red Carpet Peel exfoliates dead skin cells to reverse the effects of aging, sun damage, and environmental stresses. The result is a quick glow without peeling or down time.

You can enjoy your Red Carpet Peel or easily transfer your certificate to a friend.