I visited Dr. Blasen with some serious jet lag after an international trip with little sleep. I got a vitamin infusion and laid in the infrared bed for 10 minutes. The following day I really felt the benefits! I woke up at 6:30 without an alarm, got out of bed immediately (never happens), and felt great. Not to mention my skin seems brighter! Big thanks to Dr. Blasen. I'd highly recommend the infusions and infrared bed to anyone, especially those who are seeking alternative medical treatments. She offers many treatments and can individualize them to each patient, I can't wait to try them all!

Audrey H.

AMAZING experience with Dr. Blasen. I received a vitamin infusion and also laid in the infrared bed, both brand new experiences for me. I felt that from both treatments my skin seemed brighter and more nourished with just one treatment. Laying in the infrared bed was such a relaxing experience and afterwards a cut on my hand looked like it had started healing already! I have an inflammatory autoimmune disease and found the infrared bed a great therapeutic tool I will be adding to my regimen to help decrease inflammation and help my joints feel less achy. Dr. Blasen is such a caring physician who truly wants the best for her patients and their health. She can help work with you to find the best treatments individualized for you to optimize and reap all of the benefits. I HIGHLY recommend any service she has to offer at A Vita Nova. Treat your body to the great treatments she offers! Will definitely be going back for more!

Remme C.

Dr. Blasen is just incredible! She has created such a calming environment that immediately sets you at ease. She also takes her time educating you as well as answering questions or concerns. Dr. Blasen's demeanor is the perfect combination of energizing and calming! She truly cares about making someone feel as beautiful outside as we are inside. I highly recommend a visit! This is my feel good place! Thank you Dr. Blasen!

Randee I.M.

One of the best medical spa in the world at Okemos and Dr Amy is just amazing! Highly recommended!!

Kreative L.

Dr. Amy Blasen is amazing!! She truly cares about making her patients happy. You can see the joy it brings her when talking to her about your goals. I highly recommend her salon and services!

Brittany W.

Dr. Amy and her team are awesome!!

Holly P.