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Our goal is to enhance each person’s inner beauty and empower them with medical supervision, resources and support to lose weight, feel confident and live their happiest, healthiest lives.

Amy VH Blasen DO FACEP

CEO and founder of A Vita Nova

A Vita Nova!

A Vita Nova is dedicated to the health and wellness through physician monitored weight loss, fitness and longevity programs. These programs are designed to provide life changing fat loss by eliminating the critical fat deposits in the neck, abdomen and thighs while maintaining important metabolically active muscle mass. These areas of fat accumulation occur as we age and are well known causes of Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol as well as Breast and Colon Cancers.

What makes our weight loss programs different from others is that we will design one that is customized for you. We don’t just offer a single diet regimen but instead will tailor a treatment plan specifically to fit your needs for optimal success. To insure you safely lose weight each program will be safely supervised by a licensed heath care provider (either a physician MD or DO, a physician’s assistant (PA), Nurse practitioner (NP), or a qualified nurse with specialized training in the field.

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Amy VH Blasen

CEO and founder

Sarah Mardigian RN